A Jewish civil rights organization is expressing alarm over conspiracy theories claiming Jews and Israel aided the ouster of the Honduran president and attempts to dislodge him from his refuge in the Brazilian Embassy. Most of the comments repeat widely circulated rumors that Israeli soldiers – or in some versions, mercenaries – worked with the troops backing interim President Roberto Micheletti, allegedly supplying some form of tear gas used at the embassy and providing other assistance.

Hamas is planning to resettle thousands of displaced Gazans in caravans and temporary homes along the border with Israel, defense officials said on Sunday. Thousands of Palestinians who are waiting for their homes that were damaged during Operation Cast Lead to be repaired will be housed in temporary structures and caravans along the border with Israel.
The IDF believes the plan to set up the temporary villages will serve as obstacles in the event that Israel sends ground forces into Gaza. The border villages will also likely serve as cover for tunnels that Hamas will dig under the security fence and into Israel to carry out attacks.
“This is part of Hamas’s overall strategy to use built-up areas to hide in and to launch attacks,” a senior defense official said. “This basically means that Hamas will want to use the people it places there as human shields against Israel.”
Although the deadline for this year’s nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize came just two weeks after President Obama took office, He still was nominated and won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” But what had he done in those first two weeks or even before to even be nominated?
This week, during a speech at the Washington Hudson Institute think tank, Ambassador Michael Oren, cited polls showing that just 4 percent of the Israeli public believes Obama is pro-Israel. He said that if the Israeli public didn’t trust the Obama administration it would be unwilling to take the steps necessary for a peace deal, and called the survey results “one of the greatest obstacles” to peace-making.
“Those Israelis who are going to make peace with their neighbors are going to be asked to take immense risks, extraordinary risks with themselves, their families, their children. In order to take those risks, they need to be able to trust the administration. It’s crucial,” he said.
What “immense risks, extraordinary risks with themselves, their families, their children” is this Nobel Peace Prize winner asking from Hamas or the Palestinians? Will one of those risks, besides giving up land, also include Israel’s nuclear program? Mark my words.