Over the past few months, we have seen Passover come and go, Purim come and go and just the other day we celebrated Sukkot. Because of your love and support we were able to help families with their needs for Passover.

When, on a good day it is a struggle to feed your family and then you have one of the very special “Appointed time” celebrations, for some, it is more than they can handle it So, when you take someone shopping or give then the ability to go shopping for themselves that is really a huge thing for them. To have to say “no” to your kids when they ask “are we going to get together for Passover” because you don’t have the food or the money to buy food, for a mother, it is heart wrenching. BUT because of your love and support we were able to give nineteen thousand shekels to help needy families. You have no idea what your support does to the hearts of those we help on YOUR behalf.

Every morning starts with a trip to the bakery, where we pick up hot fresh baked rolls and bread. From there it is a quick stop at the market where we pick up items to replenish the supply so once at the school, grades 1-6, sandwiches can be made for children that came to school without breakfast or have no lunch. In some cases, both apply to the same kids.

At the ten o’clock break you will find Eti in the kitchen of the teachers making sandwiches for hungry kids. For her it is not one size fits all.  She asks the kids what they would like to eat as she rattles of a list of options for them.

At one o’clock you will once again find her in the kitchen doing the same for lunch. On an average day your love and support provide between thirty and forty school meals. This happens five days a week. For allowing us to be part of this, and from the hungry children who get their bellies filled by you, THANK YOU!

We haven’t yet heard of any refugees from the Ukraine making their way to Sderot, but we are ready to help as best we can to help make their move to Sderot a bit less stressful. We will keep you posted as the situation changes.

With the fall feasts, (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot) just 3 months away, now is the time for us to start to prepare for them. As with all the feasts here in Israel, food seems to be a very big part of them, that is, except for Yom Kippur. Hopefully, with your support, we will once again be able to help put food on tables, smiles on faces and joy in people’s hearts.

Everything we do is made possible by and through your generosity, love, and support. It has been said before, but bears repeating… We are just the delivery boy; YOU on the other hand make it all happen. Thank you for allowing us to serve the people of Sderot and for allowing us to be YOUR delivery service here in Sderot. THANK YOU.