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Hope for Sderot was established in 2008 as a Humanitarian Aid organization to help the people of Sderot. Twenty one years of rocket attacks from terrorists in Gaza have left this small town damaged in so many ways as the people continue to live with the ongoing daily trauma of never knowing when the next rocket will come, or where it will land.

School Dinner

School Lunch Program

Providing lunches for children who come to school hungry. You can't learn on an empty stomach

Home Repairs

Home Repairs

Repairs we make for those who cannot afford it are; plumbing, electric, painting and building cabinets

Baby Needs

Providing for infants

We supply new mothers with diapers, clothing, blankets, stuffed animals and baby formula.

We Are

Hope For Sderot, in the midst of the conflict and on the front lines

We have been serving the needs of  victims of terrorist attacks  and the vulnerable in Sderot since 2008. 

We opened our doors  in 2008 at the beginning of  "Operation  Protective Edge," the first Gaza war. 

For the past thirteen years,  three wars and over 14,000 kassam rocket attacks, (and still counting), we have been providing food, clothing, cash grants, paying utility bills, providing school meals and school books;  all the while, running to our bomb shelters just like everyone else who lives here.

The challenges the people of Sderot face on a daily basis are unfathomable; Never knowing when the next terrorist rocket will be launched or where it will land.

Hope for Sderot
Hope Storage

Some of our recent campaigns to help Sderot's people


First and foremost, with dignity and respect we assist those who have been injured by terrorist Kassam rocket attacks

We also assist single mothers, the working poor and the elderly. Twenty years of terrorist attacks have left few employment options and what jobs are available are minimum wage jobs, making it difficult to make ends meet.

Medicine for poor people

Books for School Children

Support for Terror Victims

Food aid

Food for hungry peoples

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Since 2008, we've helped hundreds of families whose lives have been shattered by the relentless rocket fire from Gaza. Thank you to everyone who has helped support the many projects launched by Hope for Sderot

We invite and welcome you to get involved.

In Loving Memory

The Volunteers we have lost


Testimonies from some of the lives you have helped touch


Updates on what is happening in the communities in Sderot

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