As your support starts to reach us in Sderot there is an issue with the customs / Postal authority, that is… any parcel with a value over $69.95 is subject to import taxes which is 29% not only on the package but on the cost of the shipping as well.

We ask that when you send a package that the value not exceed the $69.95 amount per parcel. This will help us avoid paying the tax on these gifts and having to travel to Tel Aviv to pick them up.

The best way to send clothing and hygiene items if possible, is to either bring them with you when you come to Israel on tour or send them with a group that is coming to Israel. We will be glad to meet you at the airport on the day you arrive or meet you in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, which ever is easiest for you. Maybe you might want bring your gift to Sderot yourself and see first hand the reality of life in Sderot.

Thank you for your generosity.

• Help us keep our doors open and food on our shelves.
• Help us increase the amount of families we can feed.

New Clothing for :
Babies, kids, Woman and Men
Winter clothes of all types

New clothing is always needed.

Personal hygiene items:
Tooth brushes             Bar Soap
Toothpaste                Shampoo

These items cost a lot and in some cases it’s either buy dinner or personal hygiene items.

House Hold Items :
Dish towels                Bath towels
Kitchen utensils          Blankets

Food will always be an ongoing item we need, but because it must be kosher and labels need to be in Hebrew, it can only be bought here in Israel. To help with food items please make your donations to Hope for Sderot by clicking here for our “donate” page.  Thank you!

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