As we slept Sunday night two Kassams were fired from Gaza. The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade, a offshoot of ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks. It seems that ISIS is now operating in Gaza. Their published goal is the unstabilizing of the August 2014 ceasefire for the purpose of starting another war between Hamas and Israel . With Hamas once again defeated ISIS hopes they can take control of Gaza.

This is not the first time The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade has claimed responsible for firing rockets into Israel. July 3, 2015 was their first claim of a terrorist act against innocent men, woman and children in Israel.

 September 6 and 19th Were the next times they claimed responsibility. One of the rockets fired on the 19th exploded in Sderot, damaging a house and a nearby bus, and once again setting everyone’s nerves on edge.

I have often compared the constant threat and the reality of the past fifteen and a half years of some 8000 rockets landing in Sderot as a wound that has scabbed over only for the scab to be ripped off; again and again, hence the ATSD (Accumulative Traumatic Stress Disorder) we suffer from.

The ISIS flag was seen in Gaza during the 2014 “Protective Edge” operation and their threats to attack Israel and topple Hamas have been ongoing ever since, one rocket after another.

Because Israel hold Hamas responsible for what goes on in Gaza and for what comes out of Gaza, when rockets are fired at Israel the IDF targets Hamas facilities. 

And you wonder why the people of Sderot need your help? The only way I can try to convey the stress level or what the anxiety feels like is to compare it to going through a breakup of a relationship ( maybe your first love) , a death in the family or maybe a divorce; It’s a pain that does not go away.

Tseva Adom alarm goes off, and it’s the same as hearing that old love song you shared, or when that day that loved one died comes along or maybe seeing your ex, whom you still love with someone else.

For some, it is debilitating and it is those people, those families we help. It is for these that Hope For Sderot is here. We are willing to dodging the same rockets, running to the same bomb shelters, feeling the same stress and anxiety as everyone else here in Sderot but we need your help to put the food we give out on our shelves. Will you consider giving $10 or $25 a month so we can keep our shelves stocked? If so please click here. Thank you in advance!