Wait on the L-RD; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the  L-RD       Psalm 27:14

Waiting, who likes waiting? Whether it is waiting in line at the store or at the post office or bank, I hate to wait. I have better things to do with my time than to wait as the person in front of me at the check out line in the market who forgot a item and they go back to get it, along with five other items.

One of the first words I learned in Hebrew was “Sav-la-noot”. It means patience, go figure! In Israel there is a thing called, “The Jerusalem Symphony” It sounds just like the name implies… horns, horns and more horns.

The traffic lights here turn yellow before turning green so you know it will be time to go soon. The orchestra is tuned up and their instruments are ready to be played; the second that light turns green and if you are not moving the entire horn section from the seven cars behind you will all be sounding… why… because no one wants to wait, there is no sav-la-noot to be found in Israel!

I went to search the internet to see how much time a person waits in his or her life time. The first site said around 3 years of a person’s life is spent waiting. I went to a few other sites but I got tired of waiting for them to upload!

G-D says “Wait and be of good courage”. How can I be of good courage or happy or anything else while I’m waiting in this line or traffic jam? It’s all a matter of what and who you are waiting for. The word G-D uses for wait means; to wait, look for, hope, expect, to wait or look eagerly for, to wait for, linger for.

If G-D becomes the object of your waiting, if it is your Redeemer you are waiting for, if it is Mashiach’s appearing that you look for, then it makes no difference if your standing in a line somewhere or sitting in traffic somewhere, your waiting on the L-RD, for His glorious appearance.

I am waiting for the L-RD, sometimes I wait for him in traffic, sometimes in a check out line, and I have even waited for him in a hospital bed… I am waiting on the L-RD, where I do it is irrelevant.