As we made preparations to file our 2010 tax report it was something to look back on what L-RD accomplished last year. Here is just a partial list.

• Distributed food to 9100 families. (36,400 people)
• Served 2180 lunch meals.
• Held 3 Hanukah parties for:
100 adults injured by Kassam rocket attacks
165 High school students
250 Grade school children
• Distributed 250 gift baskets for Rosh Ha Shana.
• Distributed 250 gift baskets for Tu’bish vat.
• Completed 14 home repair projects.
• Paid 6 medical bills, 3 medication bill, 3 electric bills and 2 rent payments.
• Purchased 11 electric fans for the elderly.
• Supplied tuition for 1 child and school supplies for 6 children.
• Provider perishable food for 10 families.
• Provider food for Rosh Chodesh 8 times ( 120 people)
• Provider baby blankets and or baby clothing to 25 families.
• Provider walkers to 9 elderly people.

When all was said and done and our accountant processed all the number Hope For Sderot spent 89 cents of every dollar helping those we have come to help and only 11 cents to keep the lights on the Van and computer running.

A copy of our 2010 tax return is posted on our web site click here to view it.

To all those who supported us directly or through one of the external organizations that support us, Toda Raba Kola Ha’Kavod V’ Ha’ Shem. ( Thank you! All praise and honor to Ha’Shem)