Nancy AKA Happy The Clown came to Visit us a while back. In fact this was her second trip to Sderot. She spent her time on both trips entertaining the children of Sderot. She brought with her a bag full of tricks, toys, balloons and most important of all a bag full of smiles…

It was a joy to see the children laugh and smile as “Happy” did what she does so well… Make people smile and forget about the problems of life if only for a short time. Now “Happys” story…

What was my experience volunteering in Sderot: It all started when I would look at the Hope For Sderot website. Every time I would read the news in Israel, my heart would stir and I dreamed about coming to help. Since I just recently returned from Sderot, seeing it with my own eyes was a different experience.

I instantly fell in love with the people. They were so warm and hospitable and loving. I was invited to “eat” many times! I just loved the people and the land of Israel (which I found to be very beautiful).

Even in the midst of hardship (being hit by over 11,000 Kassam rockets) they have a genuine love for each other in the community and live a simple life. I believe God has His hand on Israel and His people.

I had the joy of clowning for the dear children throughout Sderot, a large Jewish Center and a hospital. I performed balloon sculpturing, face painting and magic. It felt great to put a smile on faces (young and old) especially, since they have been through so much. I also helped at the Food Distribution Center and met many people. Yes, I will never forget Sderot….the people are sealed on my heart forever!

Nancy Poultney (aka) “Happy the Clown”

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