In spite of the current escalation of rocket attacks, life here continues. This means it is once again time to start making plans for our Hanukkah party for the kids of Sderot as well as the evening celebration that follows for those we serve who have been injured by Kassam rockets.

Hope For Sderot’s first public event in Sderot was a Hanukkah party in 2008. Ever since then YAH (יהוה) provided us the means to continue this event for the children of Sderot. As in the past, Norit the clown will once again entertain the children. Cotton candy, hotdogs on a stick and of course the traditional jelly filled donuts will abound for the kids.

Game, arts and crafts, face painting will keep the older kids busy. All the kids will leave with prizes they have won for the games they played, and a special Hanukkah treat will accompany them all home: a full fun packed afternoon.

In the evening we will invite those adults who have been injured by Kassams. It will be a time of enjoying one another’s company, Hanukkah karaoke songs, bingo, and refreshments. At the end of the evening each invited guest will receive a Hanukah gift basket with all sorts of goodies for the whole family.

Over the past year we have told you about Shoshanna and our desire to help her get a new smile buy enabling her to get the needed dentistry work and have dentures made for her. Today we have not been able to accomplish that for her. We still have miles to go before all the costs are covered.

Even though it was my desire to help her with that, to date it has not been possible to do that yet. We still desire to help her and will continue to wait on YAH (יהוה) to supply what is needed to put a new smile on her face. If you would like to read the previous stories about Shoshanna you can click here to read them.