Looking back at the last two months there were some interesting things that happened. During the month of August we were open each Wednesday to give out food. During each of the four Wednesday we were open, it was during a “Cease Fire”.

We heard from people from around the world as they shared their love and support. People from Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Ireland, The Philippines, The United Kingdom, Israel and the United States.

Your love and support made it possible for us to be there for more than just the 460 families we help normally. We were able to help with 2 medical bill, school supplies for 24 children, Repaint one of the local school, make two home repairs, supply an air conditioned for one families bomb shelter, brought Shabbat food to our solders at the “Iron Dome” and brought cases of water to solders in staging areas

Because of you, even though getting out sometimes was a challenge we were able to accomplish a lot. We have said it the past and well reiterate it now… we are just the delivery boy of you love, care and concern.

Thank You, Tak, Salamat Sa Iyo, Danke, תודה , Grazie, Go raibh maith agat, Tack, Terima Kasih , Takk, Dank U.

Looking Forward…

The current cease fire ends on the September 25, what will happen then is still a mystery to us all. There has been some rhetoric coming out of Gaza and Hamas says that are ready to pick up where they left off 30 days ago. Looking forward in a happier direction…

We have been busy packing gift bag for The Feast of Terah or as most people call it “Rosh Hashanah”. Besides the normal food we have been able to add a third bag this month with honey, grape juice, jam, honey cake and candy. We also change the items we put in our bags a bit to try to make them more festive for the Holiday.

Our volunteers are absolute the best. They come when we call them to help, weather there is war or rain peace and hot day. Most of them have been with us from the beginning; some have come, some have gone but we all  remain friends and part of the Hope For Sderot family. The other night we got together for a barbecue, something we have not done in a long time.

It was enjoyable to hear as each one shared how they first began coming to volunteer. It was a nice walk down memory lane. Each one has left their mark on the organization. When I walk into our building I see Window Gershon painted or the bathroom that Avagadon helped  build or the shelving so many others worked on.

We have been blessed and very fortunate for all the help we have had over the year. We look forward to tomorrow with great expectation, gladness and heart full of thank giving for the opportunity to serve the people of Sderot.

Without our volunteers we could not do all that we do but even with the best volunteers in the world without your love and support we would have nothing to pack, nowhere to pack it, we wouldn’t even have the empty plastic bags… to you, the ones that keep the lights on, the food on the the shelves, the roof over our heads…

Thank You, Tak, Salamat Sa Iyo, Danke, תודה , Grazie, Go raibh maith agat, Tack, Terima Kasih , Takk, Dank U.