The 25th of September has come and gone and we still have shalom from terrorist rockets. Just because we have not been a terrorist target since the last cease fire does not mean life in Sderot is “Normal” or should I say as normal would be in other parts of the world.

Normal in Sderot means high unemployment, low wages for those who do have work and even with the cease fire in place the eminent threat of a Kassam being fired at us is still very much a part of our lives. Iron Dome is once again in the field just a few hundred meter from our offices. It is fully manned and armed.

During “Protective Edge” your support was what enabled us to keep our doors open and assist those who came to us for help whether it was the food we gave out, the school supplies we provided, the bottles of water given to our solders or the brunch meal for ENOSH, we thank you for that. Words will never be able to express our thanks and gratitude to you for your support.

The sad fact is that those 460 families on our list and we helped last month still need your help this month and for months to come. The unemployment picture has not changed, poverty has not disappeared and single mothers are still struggling to keep the lights on, feed their children and make ends meet.

These struggles are the reality of life in Sderot. They don’t go away with a “Cease Fire” or with an “Iron Dome” parked just outside.

The food we gave them last month will not feed them this month or next month but your continued support will enables us to be there for them, to be that safety net and to catch those who fall through the bureaucratic cracks of social services.

The High Holyday are supposed to be a time of reflection and rejoicing but for some they are a time of trying how to be festive when you can’t afford any of the enjoyable food that come with the holydays. I hope you never hear “I hate the Holydays because I can’t afford them” But I have. Not to be able to afford a bottle of Coke-a-Cola because it is 7 shekels ($2.05 USD) or you walk to the 4 markets we have in town to see which store has a particular item the cheapest is also a way of life.

When they come to us they hope there will be something special in the bag we give them to help with the Holydays and thanks to you there was last month. This month the bags we give out will pretty much the same as we normally give out which means they won’t have to buy oil, sugar, rice , pasta, canned olives, pickles, peas and carrots, bean,, tomato paste,mushroom, corn or tuna this month .

The other day I was at the “Shook”, the outside market. As I was looking around I saw all the different venders had shade over their stands and as I looked closer I realized that each vender had tied his canopy off to the vendor next to him and at both ends they were tied off to a light pole. No one was able to provide shade for themselves, they needed the help of someone else.

When I saw that I could only think about Us, Hope For Sderot and you our supporters as WE together are able to help 480 families or 1280 people each month. Now you know why my “Thank You” seems so small but that’s all I have to try and show you my heart of thank fullness. THANK YOU!