After months of training and hard work, the men of the Yaron Company are now ready to go to the front lines. They will be going to the West Bank where they will begin their active duty defending Israel. Some will be deployed to the Jordan Israeli border while others will be in and around Ramallah.

It was our hope to support and bless each of these young men with a backpack full of items that are not the usual standard issue, things like padded slings for their rifles, stocking caps, gloves, and knee pads. We were not able to help them as much as we would have liked or as much as they asked but never the less we were able to help.

We were invited to the unit’s graduation, which was to be a three day event. The graduation went off on schedule with only one minor set back. Ten volunteers from Hope For Sderot traveled early in the morning from Ashkelon to Haifa by train in order to meet up with the soldiers of Yaron Company. Unfortunately, when we arrived there we found out that there was not enough room on the bus for all of us and the soldiers. OOPS!

A little disappointing… yea but that is just life. We had fun as a family on the train as we traveled up north and back home. We stopped for lunch on the way home and had our own good time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you that sacrificed to help with this project.