In the calm of this last week, Hope for Sderot prepared for the first distribution of food. Our main focus is to those injured by Kassam rockets, but how do you turn your head away from the kids that go to school hungry or those who are the poorest of the poor… we can’t. Needles to say it was a glorious week as we watched what G-D had started now starting to take shape.

With the shelving units completed and full of food, the office area starting to take shape and the reception area starting to look warm and homey, appointments were set up for each person to come to receive what G-D has provided for them. There were no
long lines or pushing or shoving and there was no waiting, it was a beautiful thing to see as each person was able to receive personal attention while retaining their privacy and dignity. I thank G-D so much for that. For us, that was the highlight of our day.

Many of the people that we are able to help are embarrassed and ashamed to ask for help and in some cases they won’t ask for help, instead they just go without. For those who would not come to us, we went to them. We made sixteen home deliveries. In some of those cases we just knocked on the door and left the food at their door; as we left we could hear the door open and the bags of cans being picked up.

We were able to deliver the love of G-D in a tangible way to seventy families. As we continue to follow that pillar of fire by day, as we follow the leading of G-D we hope and pray to help more people.

In addition to the bags of food distributed, one hundred and twenty lunches were made by volunteers and distributed to kids in school this week. If you haven’t read how this project came to be, click here to read about it. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take pictures of the kids on the school grounds because of privacy issues.

We are presently working with five different social workers and four different organizations. This week, we had nine volunteers help package, distribute and deliver food; Of those four have been injured by Kassams, one had his son injured in the war with Gaza and three were high school students. It is a remarkable thing to see what G-D is doing.  It is humbling to be part of His work.