The L-RD never ceases to amaze us. One of our volunteers just happens to have a friend that owns a farm ten miles from Sderot. She asked if it would be ok to see what kind of price her friend would give us for fresh vegetables; we said “sure”. Later on that day, we learned that he would sell potatoes, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers to us for two shekels a kilo or 25 cents a pound. This week we had our second food distribution and we were able to add fresh vegetables to the food distribution. Our hope is we will

be able to give vegetables every other week along with the canned goods. This week we distributed 77 packages and we will deliver 89 next week. We will be starting a waiting list for others as we have maxed out our supplies for the time being. We could feed another one hundred families easily. So we will thank Our G-D for His bounty and our ability to watch from a front row seat as He takes care of His children. If you would like to be part of this outreach chick here.