It was a week without any Kassams fired into Sderot and we thank G-D for that. But… (the big and infamous BUT) even though there were no Kassams the knowledge that at any moment you could here once again “Tseva Adom” puts a damper on the quiet. Yes it was easer to go out and be about your business but there is still a churning in your gut.

It was quiet this week… the IDF was able to destroy eighty percent of the Hamas smuggling tunnels, I should be happy, but that leaves twenty percent up and still running, as reported in Israel news. In the past, now almost nine years of Kassam rocket
attacks and numerous cease firers and with the past track record, what makes us think this time will be any different?

Hudna (cease fire) to the Hamas has always been a time to re-supply, retrain, rebuild a little bit stronger then last time. Case in point, before the last six month cease fire, Hamas could hit Sderot and Ashkelon with Kassams.  After that cease fire they were able to hit Be’er Sheva, Ashdod and Kiryat Gat, from a range of twelve kilometers to now a range of forty kilometers. The sad thing about this is Hamas is not looking for a peaceful solution, but only a more opportune time to come back with more vengeance then before.