As the war continues on the stress and anxiety levels are still high. The death toll is over 1400; of the dead 325 are soldiers. The injured stands at4300.

We left town today to go pick up a person that was stranded outside of Sderot and wanted to come back home. There were cars on the roads but nothing like normal.  There were check points all along the way and guards at the entrance of each city we passed.

While we were out, we visited an elderly woman. She lives by herself and she will be going to her sister’s house to stay.   Sometimes the need is just someone to talk to.

Someone asked us if we could fix a shower faucet that had broken, making it impossible to take a shower, so as long as we were going out, we loaded up the tools and made a quick plumbing repair. On the way back we stopped at a super market and did shopping for three different families. It was nice to go to a store that had full shelves, not to mention bread!

For a while it felt like a normal day, working and visiting people. We were away from Sderot and one would think that the anxiety would not be as strong, but that was not the case. It seemed the anxiety was even greater than at home in Sderot.


What we experienced is the same thing we are being told by the people who have Sderot and more and more of them want to come back home. They ask for advice on the Sderot Facebook page and the answers are from one extreme to the other, leaving them no better off and still wondering what they should do.

The uncertainty straight across the board is driving everyone crazy; maybe even more so for the ones who have left their homes; making them homeless, in some cases with no way to get back even if they want to come back.

With a home visit today, a plumbing repair completed, shopping for three families its time to head back to the bomb shelter and pray for a quiet night.