The city made a way for residents that wanted to relocate after the initial massacre of innocent men woman, children, babies and even family pets. They were told to go and “refresh” for a few days. From what we have heard from those who went from Sderot to “refresh”, is that it has been anything but refreshing.  

Some left in their own cars, others took a bus the city provided. Most left with very little and not enough to last this long away from home. They found themselves in a hotel somewhere in Israel thinking they were out of harms way, but the Kassams followed them from Sderot to Tel Aviv, and as far north as Nahariya, eastward to Jerusalem and everywhere in between.

Hotels filled to the max with people who are stressed to the max. Tempers are short, husbands and wives are arguing, children are acting up as they have lost everything that they called home and was familiar to them; They have no idea what to make of all this.

The comforts of home, no matter how meager they were, are gone. No kitchen when your kids say “Mom, I’m hungry”. No place to wash your babies’ clothes and in some cases even your pets had to be left behind.  No privacy when your entire family is staying in one room.

On top of all this, people are now worried about what happens after Sunday when the “refreshing” stay money is gone. Will the government come up with more? At this point that is a very good question.

On top of this you wonder, “how will I pay my rent or mortgage this month or next. Some people have been out of work since the Yom Kippur, with no pay check. The fear of losing your home, your car or anything else you have that you are making payments on is becoming overwhelming; and now you have maxed out your credit cards and used up all your overdraft in the bank. All this in just the first twelve days of a war that will take how long?  I could go on but I think you get the picture Sderot is facing.

So, what are we doing to help? We have started providing food and other supplies for those who are in need, we have prepared and delivered meals to shut ins and we are giving support to those who are in the greatest need.

 It is heart breaking to have to tell anyone, “Please check back tomorrow” but, at the present time we can only do so much with what is presently available to us. We have a list of families that need help with everything from diapers, to food, to clothing to anything that is required for their daily needs.  Your love and support is enabling us to do just that. Thank you for your concern, your love and support during this time in our lives.