Tikva is a 42 year old woman she had a stroke 8 months ago and is now confined to a wheelchair. Life has changed dramatically for her in every way possible. At one time she worked and had an income; today she depends on disability insurance to survive, which is near impossible on the amount the state gives her.

So what do you do and where do you go when you need food for the table and incontinence supplies you can’t afford to buy? It is through you generosity that when Tikva called us we were able to give her a two week supply of inconstant supplies and take her brother shopping for her at one of our local markets. Thank You for your support.

For some, Hope For Sderot has become a safety net, some place you can go when your back is to the wall or you are between a rock and a hard place. The reason we are able to help is because of your love and generosity… Thank You.

As we reported last in our last update, we were asked if we could help supply some blankets to some of our senior citizens here in Sderot. Two wonderful things came of that… the first is that through your generosity we were able to buy eight new blankets to help keep those in need warm… Thank You!

The second is also as wonderful as the first… The day after we delivered the blankets one of our benefactors asked if we needed blankets… they gave us seventeen boxes of new blankets, each box held 6-10 new blankets.

Not only were we able to supply the elderly with warm blankets but we were also able to give the neediest on our list new warm blankets as well. The timing could not have been more perfect because this week as well as through next as well the temperature is predicted to drop and we will have rain on and off all next week.