Doron called us this morning before Shabbat He told us that he has nothing for dinner tonight for Shabbat. We told him that we was in Jerusalem and was not sure when we would be back but that we would call him as soon as we got back.

I asked Eti if she would go to the store and pick up a few things for them just in case we did not get back in time to go shopping for them and we would pay her back, to that she agreed. We got back to Sderot before Shabbat but after all and I mean all the stores in town were closed.

Along with the groceries she had bought for them we stopped by our moxson (storage building) and picked up a set of food bags we had left over from Wednesday. Knowing she has kids we thought we would take two extra packages of Cookies for the kid. As it turned out when I stuck my hand in the carton three packages of cookies came out: we had two extra in mind but we took the three.

Along with the food Eti had and the food bags and extra cookies, we went and picked up the food a restaurant that works with us and they gave us the unsold Shabbat food They gave us Fish, Rice, some mixed vegetable and Couscous. There was now enough to see them through until we could get to the store for them on Sunday.

The way all this came together was pretty remarkable and is not an uncommon situation, but the it was the three packages of cookies that spoke volumes to us all.

As we took the cookies out of the bag there was one for each of her children, then Marav told me this story. Dan their 8 old son had asked mom if there was enough money to buy a package of the very same cookies we added to their bag, her answer to him was “no we don’t have enough” (the cookies cost seven shekels or about $2)

It was the heart of a little boy, the disappointment of a Mom and the love of our Father in Heaven that moved the delivery boys of Hope For Sderot to pack some extra cookies that drove the point home… We have a G-D who cares about us, who hears us and still preforms miracles no matter how small.

When we came home and lite the Hanukah candles for the night, it was then that I noticed the three candles, the same number as packages of cookies.