Yaeli is a beautiful one month baby girl. She came into this world weighing in at 3.7 Kg and 32 cm long. She was born like every other baby except for one thing: her mother did not want her so she abandoned her. Her father has been in and out of jail and he is presently in jail. Child protective services step in and took custody of Yaeli.

Dudu and Aliza are good friends of ours, in fact they were the first people to show hospitality to me when I moved to Sderot. I have spent many Shabbats and other holydays at their table. We received a phone call today from Aliza asking us if we had diapers for a new born and she told us Yaeli’s story.

Aliza’s heart could not let this little girl go to an orphanage and she agreed to take Yaeli in. The first obstacle was Yaeli has nothing to her name; No clothe, no diapers, bottles formula or a pacifier, not even parents to love and nurture here. Aliza said any help we could give would be a big help because Yaeli is coming home on the second night on Hanukah.

I need to digress a bit at this point… I had a dear friend when I was growing up, Thelma used to call my mom Mrs. Ganulin. Thelma used to tell my mom “Mrs. Ganulin GOD works in mysterious ways”, and in deed He does. This week I came to our office and outside were five big bags of baby cloths. My first response was “I don’t want more cloths, what are we going to do with them? I brought the cloths in and put them out today… needless to say the cloths went like hot cakes and Yaeli got her fair share as well…In deed GOD works in mysterious ways and He is still having to dealing with this stiffed neck, hard hearted Jew sometimes!

On the way home we stopped by the market and picked up diaper, formula and other items that Yaeli will need tomorrow when she comes home. I must admit it broke my heart as we went shopping for her to think she was not wanted.

We delivered the thing we picked up for Yaeli to Aliza and the house was filled with joyful expectation, not only because tonight was the first night of Hanukah but because of Yaeli.
For Dudu and Aliza there will be some major changes. They are presently a two income family of six and tomorrow they will become a single income family of seven and even that will change again soon. Yaeli has an older brother who Child protective services asked Dudu if they would be willing to take any of them in as well, Dudu told me they will her brother as well.

Soon to be a family of eight on a single income will push this family to the max. I told Dudu that when these diapers are gone please call me. I would like Hope For Sderot to adopt this family but I need your help to do that. If you would like to become an aunt, uncle, big brother or sister … maybe a grandparent to Yaeli please click here. We will do our best to help them as much as possible as G-D tugs on your hearts to help make a difference in Yaeli life.