You heard the explosion, you could smell the explosives, you could see the smoke rising over the roof top but there was never a “Tseva Adom” Did I not hear it, have I become so used to hearing them that I tuned it out, What?

Click below to hear the Tzeva Adom Warning

Just another reality the people of Sderot live with; that not all Kassam rockets that are launched by the terrorists are picked up by the early warning system; which means in some cases you have

no warning. One gentleman said to me “If you hear the boom your O.K. other wise you will never know what hit you.”

People live day in and day out  with the reality  of “Tseva Adom” and with the reality of there being no “Tseva Adom” and then you ask why so many people here are on tranquilizers.  Having lived In Sderot for the past three months, two of those week being with daily rocket explosions, you get just a little sense of what the people have been going through for the last eight years.

You jump at certain noises that sound like ‘Tseva Adom”, the sudden sound of a dog barking, of doors slamming and yet that’s just the way life in Sderot. You live your life sitting on the edge of your chair. There are people here who are now afraid of the dark because you can not see, not that you will see a Kassam coming but never the less you find yourself leaving more lights on at night.

You spend your night looking for the dawn of a new day and that is the Hope for Sderot, the dawning of a new day.