Here in Sderot unemployment runs rampant and most live in poverty and many have been injured both physically and mentally due to the past seven years of Kassam rockets fired by terrorists in the Gaza strip. Some 8000 have been fired in the past 8 years. Fifty just in the past week.
The Festival of Light, Hanukah is a joyous occasion, a time to celebrate the faithfulness of G-D to the Jewish people. Hope for Sderot would like to bring the light of Hanukah to one hundred injured and needy families here in Sderot. Candles, toys for children, the traditional jelly donuts and the fixings for a good
Hanukah meal.
Would you you like to be part of this project, would you like to be blessed as well as being a blessing? To my Gentile friends, the Jewish people are the only people group on this earth that G-D promises that if you bless them G-D will bless you; and to my Jewish friends you are reminded to take care of the poor.
This Hanukah season, this holiday season will you remember those in Sderot. If you have any questions are would like to be part of “Hanukah A love Story” you can contact us here.