It is something to look back and see what was accomplished last year, how many people we helped in some small way. Here is that look back

* We packed and distributed 14,581 bags of food to 3839 families last year.

* We delivered over 1,300 bags of food and produce to people, that for whatever reason could not come to us to pick it up.

* We had our fourth set of Hanukah Parties; the annual one where all of Sderot is invited; with food, games, prizes, cotton candy and Norit clown. The second was for high school students, with lots of junk food and the third party was for those who have been injured by Kassam terrorist attacks, those whom Hope For Sderot was initially founded for to help.

* The Thursday lunch program fed 728 meals over the course of the year.

* The Brunch program for ENOSH fed a total of 1,000 brunch meals to adults living with mental disorders every other Thursday last year.

* We provided two new appliances to people here in Sderot.

* Helped 164 families with food for Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh or just daily food; in addition to the weekly bags we hand out.

* We packed and distributed 11,045 kilos of fresh vegetables (24,350 pounds) all which were given to us free of charge by local growers.

* We gave out 10,000 shekels worth of food coupons to help those who are in need.

* We packed and distributed 250 Gift baskets for Rosh Hashanah and 350 for Hanukah.

* We had 2 special events this year: one to the Ethiopian community and one to children in the hospital. Food and other household items were given out to the  150 members of the Ethiopian community.  Baby blankets, toys, candy and smiles were given to the children in the hospital as we went room to room, ward to ward with Norit the clown.

* We completed 25 home improvements and  building projects. Ranging from simple paint jobs and wall repair to instilling water heaters, wall mounted air conditioners  and building kitchen cabinets and closets.

* We warmed new born babies by gave out 70 hand quilted baby blankets we received from our friends inCanada.

* We distributed more than 50 cases of diapers and adult incontinence products.

* We saw volunteers and supporters come from California, Hawaii, Colorado, Philadelphia, Great Britten, Northern Ireland, Australia, Denmark and Canada.

* We Packed 120 “War Boxes” full of first aid supplies, games, disposable table ware, candles, matches, flashlight and more.

* We dodged 680 Kassams and or mortars fired fromGaza terrorist in 2011.

All that only took 413 words to tell you what we did last year but it took 13 dedicated Sderot volunteers, supporters and volunteers from all over the world to accomplish this. You did good! Thank You!