The other day as I was in the market doing some shopping. I checked out and was on my way  to the car, when a woman came up to me and started talking to me. Not quite sure of what she was asking I asked my friend who was with me to translate for me what she wanted.

She said she saw that I had purchased a lot of food and could she please have my receipt because there was a sale going on that day. If you spent over 150 shekels you could buy two whole chickens for 9 shekels a kilo.

I told her I need the receipts but I would be willing to go back in with her to help her get the reduced price of the chicken. I went with her to the meat counter and she picked out her two chickens. The regular price was 78 shekels for the two the sale price 45 Shekels.

We went to check out. She plopped down her two chickens , took out her last fifty shekels, my register receipt and she was told that the deal was only good if you bought the chickens at the same time you spent over 150 Shekels.

She was off to the manager and I was back off to my car, I tried. About half way there I felt I should go back in and buy her the 2 chickens, I kept walking to the car. I got into the care and told my friend what happened and asked what do you think? She said do what your heart tells you to do.

On the way back into the market to buy the chickens I saw the lady sitting out on the curb and the chickens were making their way back to the meat counter when I asked for them back.

All this to say, the people living here in Sderot face a hard life. With unemployment running 25% and even if they wanted to move to some other city they don’t have the money to pack up and start all over again somewhere else.

For this lady the difference of 33 shekels or about $8.60 made all the difference between having two chickens for dinner that week or not. YAH put it on my heart to help Just as  He has put it on your heart to help us. And so He make a differance one chicken at a time in the life of one of His children. You and me… we get to be part of His great love.