Once again we have hit a new mile stone. We are now feeding 427 families a month now. That comes out to 1212 people who are eating from food that goes out our door each month. When we first started out we were feeding 75 families a month and we thought that was a big thing.

On any given week we receive 8-10 new applications from people asking for help. About 80 percent of those applying qualify to receive food from us. The only problem we have is we are at our limit and have now started a waiting list for those whom we approve but have no food to give them.

We presently have 36 families on the waiting list. We will be able to help them as YAH provides and makes it possible to help them. There are always a few families who for whatever reasons do not come in to pick up their food and it is those bags of food we are using to feed the people on the waiting list right now.

As our list of families we feed increases so does the amount of food we need to keep in reserve for our “War Box” program. It has taken us most of the past three years to build up a supply of food for 300 families and now we need to increase that by an additional 160 portions to cover the additional families and those on the waiting list.

It is surprising the amount of people in Sderot who still need help. As things in the states and all over the world for that matter are proving to be challenging for families to make ends meet, here too it is increasing at an alarming rate.

We now have five families we help with diapers on a regular basis; something we never thought about doing even a year ago and we are now getting requests for adult size diapers as well.

The needs of the community continue to grow as we are starting to help the second generation of terror victims. If you find it in your heart and would like to help us help those who have lived with terrorist attacks for the past twelve years, just click here to contact us or click here to make donation.