The smell of smoke from an exploding Kassam rocket which was fired on us from terrorests in Gaze permeated the air as it broke the peace of Shabbat and sent innocent men woman and children running to their bomb shelters.

In the past fifty five minutes there have been six “Tseva Adom” alarms. We were awakened by the first alarm and ensuing explosion at 6:30 as the peace and quiet of Shabbat was shattered. The second “Tseva Adom” alarms and explosion came with in seconds.

It is still unsure at this point if the double explosions were a result of the “Iron Dome” shooting the rockets down before they hit or if what we heard was the sound of the rocket hitting a concrete roof first and then the second explosion being the rocket its self exploding. Where they landed is still not sure yet as well.

One man was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his neck and stomach from shrapnel as many others were treated for shock. His condition at this time is unknown but early reports said he was conscious at the time of his transport.

With everyone now sitting on pins and needles and wondering if there will be another alarm, coupled with the trauma of the past twelve years of Kassam rocket attacks once again affecting everyone here.

Even it a Rocket lands in an open field, just the alarm going off and hearing the explosion affect every man woman and child here in Sderot.

They talk about people living in Sderot suffering from PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)… the problem is, there is nothing post about it. This stress has been going on for the past twelve years and once again today it was brought to the fore front of every man woman and child’s mind.