We need your help. Passover is just a little less than two weeks and at the present rate we will not be able to help all those who are asking for help.

Would you consider making a onetime gift now?
For many it is hard enough to make ends meet under normal circumstances, so when you have a major holyday it adds even more stress and expenses to those we help.

We do our best to help but this year more people have asked for help and at the same time our contributions these last few months have been way down.
In these difficult times not only here in Israel but all over the world, we know the sacrifice we are asking of you to make but you are the only ones we have to come to too ask for help.

We still have a little time left to make Passover a joy for those who are still asking for help. Would you PLEASE consider giving us a helping hand this first holiday of the New Year?

Just click here to help… All the information you need to help is there. If you are dropping a check in the mail could you please drop us a email to let us know your help is on the way so we can plan. Toda Raba in advance… (THANK YOU!)