This is what I wrote at 8:15 this morning…

With the last rocket being fired at 7:56 a.m. we have entered a 72 hour cease fire. How many times will it be violated by Hamas, only time will tell but for now one hour and fifteen minutes into the cease fire it is quiet.

By 2:00 p.m just 6 hours into this “Cease Fire” Two rockets have been fired at Sderot, 2 rockets have been fired at Ashkelon, 4 rockets have been fired other areas, 1 suicides bomber has been eradicated, two soldiers killed and 1 IDF solder has been kidnapped… all with in the first 6 hours of the, Egypt, UN and US brokered 72 hour “Humanitarian Cease Fire”.

What will it take for the world to understand that Hamas could care less about peace no less their civilians? When will the world stand up and recognize the fact Hamas uses civilians as human shields and condemn them for the practice, instead of condemning Israel when civilians are killed?

 Maybe this Shabbat we can spend some time outside in the sun or go for a walk or just sit around the table with friends without the eminent fear of having to run for your life. So much for that!

The fear even through a cease fire has been called is still there, that’s the part of the “Accumulative Traumatic Stress Disorder” we suffer. History has shown that cease fires are broken time and time again and over the past six years we have come to this point three times… Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Cloud and now Operation Protective Edge with hundreds of rocket attacks in between; and it has been proving once again today.

 It would have been nice not having anything to write about anything other than the fact that we will be receiving our food shipment for this month on Sunday and our doors will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to distribute food.

In spite of the situation our volunteers will come to pack because YOU have been kind and generous enough through donations to put the food on our shelves, THANK YOU!

Even so, the cease fire is scheduled to last hopefully for 72 hours and food we receive on Sunday will only last for the month. We will once again need to order food for September. It’s no small thing to feed 480 family’s , feed Enosh and go shopping for family’s that need additional help, it  costs $10,000 a month to do that and keep the lights on.

We want to thank you for your support and remind you that we still need your help. We still need to put food on the shelves next month and hopefully a bit more for the feast of Rosh Hashanah. If you would like to help us just click here to get started and thank you in advance.