Operation Protective Edge – Day 29…. 

With a story title like this one might thing I am a bit skeptical about what the next 72 hours will bring, and you are right. The last “Cease Fire” lasted ninety minutes before Hamas broke it. Let’s see how long it will be before they break it this time. In the ten minutes leading up to this cease fire 27 rockets were fired to cities all over Israel, the last one being fired at 7:59:19 a.m. Time will tell if this cease fire will make the 72 hours planned, but rest assured that Israel will be blamed for any failure of this cease fire.

Now on to happier things… We have started making up school back packs and our first 25 are completed with 8 of them already given out. The average back pack for a child runs close to 325 shekels or just about $100 per student per year and that does not include school books and uniforms parents will still have to buy. So for someone like Tamara who has 5 children YOU, because of your generosity just saved her a around 1500 shekels she does not have… Thank You.

We have more requests for help than we presently have back packs and supplies for children that will being going back to school next month. To be able to help especially now is important because no one needs another added stress to our already stress filled lives. You can help eliminate this stress by clicking here and help us help single moms, the working poor, those who are unemployed or those affected by the current “Operation Protective Edge.

Yesterday we received our August shipment of food. It came late in the day and it was quiet while we unpacked the truck and load up or shelves one more time. We have had many calls to see if we would be open this month and with great joy we are able to say YES as well as posting a new delivery schedule on the door.

Before we open our doors on Wednesday at 10 a.m. we will prepare the brunch meal for ENOSH. We will start cooking at 6:30 a.m. and have it ready for a 9:00 a.m. delivery and then it will be off to our store front to put out the chairs, get the cooler of ice water ready, put the cloths table out and with great joy open our doors once again.

What will the future hold for this next 72 hours, what will be after that no one know but for now it is quiet and we (Hope For Sderot) will continue to do what we do best… Feed people (besides

may other thing) and we have your generosity and care, sensitive hearts to thank for that. If you have never considered helping us before may today you would consider helping us. We still need your help, prayers and support. To help just click here to get started… Thank You!

Your support is what gives us the ability to help, to be a safety net in times like this. Your help and support is always needed but even more now than ever before. As this operation continues on we  are being called on more than ever for help, whether it be for food or to keep the lights on or to help find a quiet and safe place for a family to leave Sderot from a few day and now for school supplies. Along with finding a place for families to go gas money is needed to fill their car for the round trip. Please consider sending a gift today. You can do so by clicking here. Thank You in advance.