Here are but a few of the messages we received from people we helped for the holiday. For most the holidays are, in a good time difficult but the past two years have been extremely difficult with work hours cur and in some cases jobs lost. 

Your love and support is a true blessing and an answer to prayer for them. These stories belong to you their “Thank You” and “GOD bless you” belong to you; as does their smiles and their tears of joy. Here are their messages to YOU!

Here are just a few of the stories we heard from some of the people YOU helped for the Holidays. Along with these are many more “thank you” , “GOD bless you” and shed tears of joy. YOU are the one that make this all possible THANK YOU!


When Eti called Moshe’s mother to tell her she had a gift for the holidays for her she told Eti… “I have been out of work because of my health and I need to be home for Mosha. Avraham has only had part time work since coved-19. I was concerned how we were going to provide for our family for the holidays. Avraham told me to trust in Abba; and then today you called!” Needless to say, it was an answer to prayer!


Noam is a father of 9 children. We have helped him and his family in the past. As I gave him your gift his eyes began to swell with tears and all he could say was “wow, wow, wow” It didn’t take long until my eye were like his. I explained to him the gift is from Abba and not from me… again all he could say was  “wow, wow, wow”. He had 3 of his children with him at the time and each one of them gave me a high five and a “Thank you”.


Ester has one grown son who is now bedridden due to a medical problem and  her husband is out of work. She went to the market to but food for the holidays but when she swiped her credit card it was rejected. It was then that she remembered that  earlier that day Eti gave her an envelope for the holidays. Her embracement and despair was replaced with joy as she used the money in the envelope to pay for her holiday shopping.


Saria father passed away two years ago; ever since then her mother has been living alone in the north. Because of you generosity she was able to go shopping for her mother and she took her two young kids to spend the holidays with her mom.


Dayna has been out of work for the past two week ever since her young son tested positive for corona. They have not been able to go out and she has not been able to go to work. The timing could not have been worst for them. On Sunday night their two week quarantine was over and her first person she met was Eti who gave her some much needed help for the holidays.


We had three people call us and ask if there was any way we could help them with anything for the holidays… because of you we were able to help all three.


Three years ago we realized, that to give a family of canned good and staples for the kitchen, although they help, they fall short of what is needed for the Holiday here in Israel; so we decided to give them the ability to go shopping for themselves instead. Now they  can buy perishable good or what they would like for the holiday.

Because of your generosity families had a full table and joyful meal. There is no way “thank You” expresses our gratitude or the gratitude and thankfulness of the people we helped! Suffice it to say… THANK YOU!!!

The miraculous thing all about, and the part that always amazes me is…

Abba knew they would need  help long before they ever realized they needed help and long before they prayed for help. Abba laid it on your hearts to send a gift before any of them prayed for help. He knew you had a heart the size of Texas and would answer His nudge! In fact their help was already here before they ever prayed or asked for help!

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