The IDF is currently carrying out  operation “Shield and Arrow”. Close to 400 Kassams have been fired at us thus far. Egypt is working on a cease fire but as I type these wors you can hear artillery fire outside. It has been quitter today than yesterday , but all that can change in the twinkling of an eye.

Since the writing of this newsletter, at 2 A.M. this morning, the IDF attacked a building housing three senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad officials.
Shortly after the attack the Homefront Command issued a warning for us to move into our bomb shelters. the cancelled school today, have closed the beaches and banned any public gatherings.
The Palestinian terror groups have warn “Israel will pay the price for the Gaza attack.
The IDF is preparing for retaliation and are implementing plans for “Operation Shield and Arrow”.
That leave us sitting and waiting, hesitant to go out of our bomb shelter, or go outdoors even if it is just to go shopping. There are very few people on the street and some stores are closed. This is not a new thing for us to experience, it has been going on for twenty two years. It doesn’t become any easier and it is still unnerving as we sit and wait to see what will happen.
Even now, we expect to hear “Tseva Adom, Tseva Adom, Tseva Adom,” any second.

Over the past few months we have been reaching out to those who have come to us for help with the support you provide us. Although, we have not turned anyone away the level of our help has diminished a bit. We have felt the effects of the current situations of the world wide economy, turmoil and the uncertainty people are feeling world wide presently. We ARE very thankful to you for your support and the ability we have to help the people here in Sderot.

February was the first time this year we were faced with “Tseva Adom” and found ourselves running for our bomb shelters. THe day before Shabbat was ushered in, six Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza terrorists into Sderot. One hit a box factory. Here is the link you can watch the employs running to the bomb shelter and see the explosion just outside the bomb shelter

In April, as we started to celebrate Passover, terrorists in Gaza fired sixteen Kassams at us, causing us to leave our Sadar tables and seeking refuge in our bomb shelters.  This time one house to a direct hit.
The family was asleep on the couch when the “Tseva Adom” alarm sounded.They made their way to the  Bomb  shelter  in  time.
In both these instances it was reported that there were no physical injuries. To say “no one was injured” is a gross injustice. There might not have been any blood shed or bodies on the ground but thee trauma of a rocket hitting your house of in the case of the factory where it hit just on the other side of their bomb shelter is traumatic and life changing, I know from first hand experience.
As Israel was preparing to celebrate it’s 75 anniversary there were rumors of war circulating and at the end of the independence day celebration there was a chance of war with the surrounding countries. Between the Kassam attacks and the threats of war people are understandably unnerved and scared.

Over 100 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza in under 24 hours

Through it all we continue to help the best we can. Single parents need help to keep the electric on, food on the table and clothes for their children; because of you we have been there to help. We have been able to provide new shoes and clothing to our single parents along with food for shabbat.
Five days a week we deliver between 35 and 50 hot meal to people in need, depending how much is given to us by our supplier. We have been able to continue providing sandwiches to hungry school children.


In May 2021 the Tseva Adom alarm sounded Ido, his mother and sister ran to their bomb shelter. Rocket shrapnel pierced the protective metal plating used to cover the window of the room he was in, killing him also injuring his mother and seven-year-old sister. Shortly after his death, “Buddy Benches” were built and dedicated in his memory and one is at the school we provide sandwiches at. Over time the benches became weathered and we decided to give it a new paint job and make a few repairs to it.


We are excited to welcome our first group from the states since Covid-19 put a halt to tourist coming to Israel. We have a few projects lined up for them to help us with. As long as things with Hamas stay quit we look forward to a wonderful time with them.

You support is what makes the difference in the lives of the people we help in Sderot. Your support is needed more now than ever as inflation skyrockets and food prices in many cases are doubling in cost and on top of that, the threats of war and the reality of Kassam continue. Thank you for your prayers, support and consideration.