The Gaza border has seen few Kassam rocket attacks since the end of “Operation Guardian of the Walls” although incendiary balloons and explosive laden balloons continue to cross the border.
With each incendiary device sent towards Sderot, the IDF targets a Hamas compound or weapons storage facility, yet the balloons keep coming.Fire Balloon Map
The threats of an escalation of rocket fire are ongoing if Israel does not release money from Qatar. Israel is looking for some way to insure the money goes to the people of Gaza and not Hamas. Until a plan is finalized, Israel will not release the money. The situation is unnerving and unsettling for us, but everyday life has been unnerving and unsettling for the past twenty years.
Covid-19 is still a threat to people making a living and for children going to “in person” schools. In this respect, I don’t believe we are going through anything different than you in your country are going through. It does, however, increase the needs of the people of Sderot.
On A Happier Note
Because of your love and support, before the high Holidays began we were able to give ₪ 32,200.00 to needy families to help with the holiday. To keep this newsletter short, we have posted six short stories on our web site (click here to read). These stories are from the people YOU helped to make their holidays joyful as they were able to celebrate with YOUR help.
As in years past, we once again took on an extreme makeover of one of our local schooBefore and Afterls. This school has not been used in a few years and it was called back into action as an all-girls school. The ants and pigeons had taken over the school and it was pretty much left since then.
We removed old carpet from the walls and patched the walls. As the carpet was torn off the walls the plaster came with it. What plaster did not come off was covered in contact cement. All the walls needed to be sanded and re-plastered. In many cases we uncovered damaged drywall that needed to be repaired.
In years past we have always had a volunteer or two to help us, but because of the travel restrictions due to Covid-19, this year we had no help.
The kids were walking into their new school as we were loading up the last of our tools.
Three days of burning the midnight oil paid off as you can see.
Last week we picked up 84 packages of diapers….. 20 were for us and we were to pass the rest on to social services. As it turned out, in the end all 84 packages were given to us! We will have no problem giving them out. It seems that since Covid -19 began and “lock downs” occurred, there has been an influx of new born babies… go figure!
Happy Anniversary
This month, September, we will be celebrating the beginning of our fourteenth year here in Sderot. From our first day until today, we have faced attacks from Hamas terrorists in Gaza. We have been on the front lines for three wars and over 13,500 Kassam rocket attacks.
In those same thirteen years, we have given away close to one million dollars in humanitarian aid including food and clothing; We have paid medical bills, utility bills and prescription bills. We have helped with funeral and burial expenses. We have completed well over two hundred home repairs and 5 school extreme makeovers.I Love Sderrot
We have supplied countless families with the funds they needed to celebrate the holidays here in Sderot. Without our help their dinner tables and holidays would have been bleak. We have helped to keep the lights on and prevented many evictions of families from happening.
None of this would have been possible without your love and support! From all of us at Hope For Sderot and all the families we have helped over the past thirteen years, we THANK YOU!
If you would like to help us continue our work, please click here.