We cannot get an internet connection from inside the bomb shelter, so guess where I am! Outside in the open. It’s a wonderful night, not cold and very quiet… Praise G-D. Yesterday was a day full of explosions from both sided. We have temperately moved out of the apartment which is on the top floor and more susceptible to Kassams. We are staying with our friend, Kobi, on the first floor with a bomb shelter about 30 feet away. We spent the night in the bomb shelter last night, and we will see what tonight holds. I realize more and more that I am not in control of my life and I am thankful G-D is. Between tank fire and jets flying
over head it is a bit nerve racking but again I know who holds my life in His hand and I need to be about my Fathers business.

As the tanks were firing and I was taking a few things out of my apartment, I could only think about “him who is on the roof top don’t go down to take anything”. I wonder as the threats keep flying back and forth, is it the beginning of the end or just a “war and roomers of war”. We have been told that the worst is yet to come, and we should plan on having enough food on hand until the end of March. I might have been a little harsh on the Israeli government before. I used to question why didn’t they act before now. I am starting to see as all those nations who hate Israel and want her gone are now all looking for a reason to get into this situation. With all the different fronts Israel must be ready to defend, yes, I guess I too now would think long and hard.

This situation has slowed us down a bit as far as getting the store front up and running, but it is giving me an opportunity to rethink the items we will store for distribution. On a bright note our van that was in the shop being fixed will be done tomorrow and the price is almost two thousand shekels less then first estimated. Our mechanic, we found out today had a Kassam land in his child’s bedroom. That coupled with his participation in the first Lebanon war, all this is wearing on his nerves as well. He knows we are an amuta (non profit organization) here in Israel and he said he wants to reduce the cost for us so he too can help us help the people of Sderot.

As we lit the last Hanukah candles tonight it brought a tear to my eye as I realized it did not happen in my home and I felt a bit like my forefathers must have felt so many times as they looked to their G-D from strange surroundings. I was able to make a trip to my apartment today to pick up some more cloths and as I was walking back to Kobi’s house I felt like a war refugee just a bit. Just as our G-D has always been faithful to His children in the past, I know once again He will be faithful… That’s all He can be, that’s who He is… The Faithful One.

I will try to keep you posted as much as possible. I am working on running an internet line to the bomb shelter, but am missing a few parts to completing it tonight… L-RD willing, tomorrow. Air traffic is starting to pick up so I will send this while I can still be out side. Please pray.