Yael  is married with 4 children. Both she and her husband work. She is a cleaner and works two different jobs a day, both only pay minimum wage. Her husband also has a minimum wage job but due to Corona is on call and only works part time.

Her work recently reduced her work week by two hours a day and one day a week, which means now, her paycheck is less than 3000 shekels a month.  She is now looking for a third part time job.

We found out that just before Shabbat she had gone to the super market and asked if they would please take a postdated check for three weeks… they said No. She was hoping to buy enough food for her house and for her son who in is the army for Shabbat.

In Israel it is not uncommon , in fact you could say it is the “norm” for mothers to take food to their children who are in the army when they can’t come home for Shabbat . Yael is one of those mothers.

We were able to help her with  food money to get them through Shabbat and a few days more ~ Thanks to your generosity. She sent us these pictures of what she did with the food money we gave her… She spent some of it on her son and his “lonely solder” army buddies as well as food for the rest of her family.

In Israel we have many kids that come to Israel to join the army. I call them kids because they are old enough to be my sons as well as my grandsons; yet they they walk around 24/7 with a armed M-16, doing what ever it takes to keep us safe. They leave everything and everyone behind in the country they come from to join the IDF. They have no family that lives in Israel. Lonely soldiers get adopted by other families whose kids are solder or by any family for that matter, so that way they have a place to spend Shabbat, Holidays and days off; We have many lonely soldiers living in Sderot.

The thing that always impresses me is that even people who have very little and receive aid from us are willing to give to others and I think that is just cool! You will never know just how far your love and support reaches; rest assured, there is One who knows!