There have been many projects we have undertaken in the past four years, but this project we are beginning is probably one of the most exciting projects to date, but we need your help.

For the past four years we have been feeding people and we will still continue to do that; I guess you could say we have been giving out fish but now we want to start teaching people to fish.

We are happy to introduce to you the Phyllis Frances Scholarship program. Phyllis Frances wanted to go to college as a young lady, but times were hard and her family needed her to help make ends meet so her dream of going to collage to become a bookkeeper were shattered and she became a maid at an auto court cleaning guest room instead.

This program is directed to the Phyllis Frances’s of Sderot. There are many young woman who would love to go to college and break the cycle of poverty they have either been born into or have inherited by the years of Kassam rocket attacks from terrorists in Gaza.

It is our Hope For Sderot to provide the means to help send young woman to college, to teach them to “fish” that they might realize their full potential in life.

Our first candidate is Michele a 18 year old orthodox young lady who has dreams and aspirations of becoming legal assistant. Her father will let her go but he has no way of sending her to collage. The family lives well below the poverty line and the thought of sending Michele to collage is finically out of the question.

Like Phyllis her only other option she has is to become a cleaner or get married and with her 3.5 grade point average it seems like such a waste of a potentially bright future to have it end up in a mop bucket.

We hope to get you, our supporters involved in this new and exciting aspect of Hope For Sderot as we do our best to put a fishing poll in the hands of our young ladies who have grown up with rockets falling around them and the and the sound of “Tseva Adom, Tseva Adom, Tseva Adom” being broadcasted through the city.

We are inviting you to help as we put fishing poles in young woman’s hands, one pole at a time. Will you consider helping Michele be the first? If so you can start by clicking here