As some of you were having fun Saturday night or getting ready for bed the residents of Sderot were awaken at 7;30 this morning by “Tseva Adom” and for the next hour we were pounded with fifteen more rockets.

Some lander in open field, one hit a power pole taking out power to some areas. Others did damage to homes ,shops and a factory was hit for the third time today. We were not as fortunate today as in days past are there are so far three injuries reported so far.

This morning attack came just as children were to leave home to go to school and parents were on their way to work. Although schools were not closed today officially, many parents kept their children home. People are reluctant to leave their homes and that goes for myself as well, although we need to go and get thing ready for our Hanukah party this year.

This morning came on the heels of 24 Kassam rockets being fired at us over Shabbat which brings the 24 hours

total to over 60 Kassams and mortars fired.

All through the night and even this morning you can hear helicopters and jets in the air, on their way to or from taking out the sites from where the attacks have been launched from.

The bomb shelter that have been built on to just about every house and apartment here in Sderot has a three quarter thick piece of steal that rolls along a track to cover the window. On most days they are open and the sun is nice but today they are closer. As they close and roll into place they make a sound all of their own. One after another that sound was heard throughout Sderot this morning.

Schools have now been closed. The streets in Sderot look like it could be Shabbat. The normal crowds of people that would be at the bank or post office today is non-existent. Cars are not on the road and people are hard pressed to be found walking anywhere.

Hamas along with Islamic Jihad are taking credit for the past 24 hour Barrage of rockets. Homeland Security Minister Avi Dichter said “The Strip is being run without any real authority. Every terrorist organization that feels like it carries out attacks against Israel, targeting civilians and soldiers.”

So as you are sleep tonight we are in our bomb shelters, waiting to see what the rest of the day will bring.