In spite of the current escalation of rocket attacks on us and Hanukah less than a month away we will be working on our plans for this year’s Hanukah party and we could use a little help. Hope For Sderot first came on the scene five years ago with our first Hanukah party. That Hanukah party was in the midst of the Gaza war. We were not sure how it would turn out or if any of the people that were invited would be willing to leave their home and come out… but they did. The day and evening of the party there were no Kassams fired at us, unlike the days before and the days after.

We will once again start early the day of our party, which this year will be on the 9th. Of December, cleaning and decorating the hall for the kid’s party set for the afternoon when school is out. We have seen a steady increase of parents that bring their children to the Chabad hall to bounce, play games, dance and sing, eat hotdogs and cotton candy and the traditional jelly donut.

The popcorn machine will once again fill the air with the aroma of popcorn and punch will be made by the gallon. Prizes and candy bags will be given to each child that comes as well as all the other goodies

Norit the clown will once again have the kids laughing as she get them involved with her magic tricks and songs. For just a few hours we will be able to have fun and not worry about a Kassam coming through the building as the Chabad hall is a fortified building. With all the noise and music even if there was a “Tseva Adom” warning we wouldn’t hear it.

The noise of happy kids singing, laughing and playing is so much nicer than hearing kids crying and screaming out of fear and that is what this party was designed to do in the beginning and it is the reason for the party even today… Letting kids be kidsThe clown, gifts, candy, cotton candy all cost money and we have been most blessed in the past and by the end of the night all the bills have been paid. Like I said we do need a bit of help this year. We have received a generous gift from our friends in Australia and just recently a gift from our friends from southern California.

When we were feeding 150-200 families the cost of gift bags was less but now that we are at 441 families it adds to the cost. The gift bags we give them are by no means extravagant but rather a small gift to let them know that we have people all over the world that care and are thinking about us… and that in its self is greater than the gift.

If you would like to help you can do so by clicking here. We will do the set up and clean up if you will help put the smiles on not only the kids’ faces but also those who have been injured by 12 years of rocket attacks. It cost about $5 per smile or just about the cost of a happy meal.

Thank you for your love and support in advance