Clowns have always been able to bring a smile to a child’s face. So it just seemed right that “Happy” should come to Sderot to bring smiles to children who have lived all their lives under the threat of a rocket’s falling through their roofs and into their beds.

Nancy, aka “Happy”, has a heart for Sderot, and that is good… we need a smile-maker, a balloon-twister, a face-painter, and a real good friend. Happy happens to be all of those all rolled into one, and with a big red nose on top!

The sacrifice she made when she came to Sderot was enormous, but it came directly from her big heart for the Children of Israel who live in Sderot. When she came to take our minds, if just for a short time, away from Kassam rockets and put us into a world of laughter and fun, allowing kids to be kids…and adults to be kids once again as well…

Sderot through Nancy aka “Happy The Clown’s” eyes:

“What was my experience in volunteering in Sderot? It all started when I looked at Hope for Sderot’s website. Every time I read the news in Israel, my heart would stir, and I dreamed about coming to help. Just having returned from realizing my dream of clowning in Sderot, I must say that seeing it with my own eyes was a major experience. I instantly fell in love with the people. They were so warm and hospitable and loving! They invited me to eat in their homes many times! I just loved the people and the land of Israel which I found to be very beautiful. Even though the people of Sderot have been hit by more then 11,000 kassam rockets), they still have a genuine love for each other in the community where they live a simple life. I believe God has His hand on Israel and His people.

I had the joy of clowning for the dear children throughout Sderot, and in a large Jewish Center and a hospital. I performed balloon sculpting, face painting, and magic. It felt great to put a smile on faces, young and old, especially, especially since they have been through so much. I also helped at the Food Distribution Center and met many people. I will never forget Sderot….the people are sealed in my heart forever!”

Nancy Poultney (aka) “Happy the Clown”

We all look forward to your return, and we pray that G-D will bless you with the ability to come back. Thank you for being a friend and an encouragement to all of us here in Sderot.