We are still hoping to put a new smile on Shoshanna’s face. We are still hoping that some of you will listen to your hearts and help Shoshanna get her decaying teeth removed and replaced by new dentures. This past week she was in immense pain because of her teeth, but she didn’t even have the funds to go to the dentist to get an ex-ray taken. Even an ex-ray would not have relieved her pain, though.

Next to gout and kidney stones I think a toothache is right up there for misery. She has been suffering from her teeth for a long time, and the constant pain starts to wear on a person. If you would like to help please contact us at our web site e-mail address by clicking here, or you can donate to her pain-free new smile by clicking here

War Boxes:

Our program to prepare items for the next war is still underway. We have miles to go to collect the essential items to distribute to the people we serve here in Sderot. A complete list of these items that will make up our “War Boxes” can be seen by clicking here.
Now is the time to prepare; tomorrow may be too late. We just don’t know when the next war will begin. If you follow the news in the Middle East, then you know of the rhetoric that is constantly flying at Israel. One kidnapped solder, one Kassam fired, one threat too many could set the explosion off.

The urgency is felt more here than in the states and other parts of the world and rightfully so. It will be the support from the states and the rest of the world that will make the difference between being prepared and being caught off guard. Today is the day to get ready.

I know what it is like to hear “Tseva Adom” and to feel the vibration from the explosion; to experience war within six miles of your home; the feeling of not wanting to leave your bomb-shelter. When the Kassams are falling it is real hard for those who have lived with this for the past ten years to go out for their basic needs. It is our hope and desire to be able to bring these items to them.

During WWII PFC Martin from the Eighty-Second Airborne was driving his tank to the front line. On the way he encountered some troops heading in the opposite direction. He asked them what they were doing, and they replied that they were retreating. PFC Martin told the retreating troops “pull your vehicle behind me—I’m the 82nd Airborne.”

We can’t do this on our own, but together we can do it. We can be ready for the day when the Kassams come back. It is not a matter of “if”; it is a matter of “when”! Will you help us help them, will you come along side with us and help, will you “pull your vehicle behind me”? To help, to pull your vehicle behind me click here.