Our hearts go out to the families of those who have been affected by recent terrorist attacks. We know all too well the devastation it brings to a family, a community, a city and a country.

The harsh realities of terrorist attacks have filled the evening news, the press and the internet. It has prompted city and states, countries just about everywhere to beef up security and put policing agency’s on high alert.

This message appeared overnight on the post office wall, adding just one more concern to a city that already has a full plate of different terrorist threats; as if Kassam rocket attacks and terrorist tunnel infiltration to name a few is not enough.

“Can ink be thicker than blood?”

Since 2001 Sderot has been the target of one terrorist attack after another, leaving death, destruction and psychological trauma to the residents. Children born after 2001 have lived their entire lives with a clear and present danger.To many times it has been reported that we suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and nothing could be further from the truth. Since 2001 until you read this article the threat of a terrorist attack is possible, ruling out the notion that we suffer from “Post” Traumatic Stress Disorder, for there is nothing “Post” about an ongoing threat that has been present for the past 14 years. Accumulative Traumatic Stress Disorder would be a more accurate diagnosis.

What has been playing out in the rest of the world recently is horrific, despicable, and tragic and our heart go out to all who have been affected in any way by the recent events, yet this has been the way of life for the people of Sderot for the past 14 years; we know all too well the pain and suffering you are going through.

The wounds left behind are deep and with every new “Tseva Adom” or a warning of an impending attack only rips the wound open again.

Then we have the wounds that seem never to heal; the loved one that is missing from the dinner table, the shrapnel that is still in your body, the inability to work and support your family due to a Kassam injury or even the lack of employment opportunities.

Hope For Sderot has been doing its best to help those who have endured year after year, Kassam after Kassam with basic food items, household items, paying an overdue utility bill, food for Shabbat or supplying diapers, blankets, heaters and fans.

This is all made possible by your generous donations, for without your help we would have nothing to give to the 450 families we now serve. To you THANK YOU!

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