Monday afternoon several explosions were heard throughout Sderot. At the time of the explosions no one seemed to know what happened but it was an all too familiar sound.
The explosions were loud enough that they send that same old chill down our spines as you wondered if this was the end of the current cease fire.
In the evening news we learned that the IDF had destroyed the last terrorist tunnel from last summers “Operation Protective Edge”.


Between July 8 – August 26, 2014, during the war there was a noticeable increase in support for the people of Sderot but since the end of the war support has returned to pre-war levels. It was wonderful and remarkable how you came to our aid during our time of need, but just because the Kassams have stopped falling for now, does not mean that the needs of the people of Sderot have changed or that your support is any less needed now than during the war.

New people are coming to us on a regular basis asking for help, asking to be put on our list of those we help  regularly. Unfortunately we are not able to add more families to our list at this time due to budget restraints.

This past week we saw 148 families out of the 450 we serve come in for food and although we were not able to add new families to our list, another 5 families we given “One Time” help .

In addition to the food, blankets, pillows and diapers we gave out this week, we had one family ask for help with medical test that is needed and we had three families asking for addition help for Shabbat, one family of six, one of four and the last was a single mother who just came home from the hospital with her four day old new son.

To some, Shabbat is no big deal and would not see the need for special help on Shabbat but to those who hold dear and keep the fourth commandment of YAH it is a big deal because Shabbat is a big deal to them and something special.

 For this new single mother, in a few days, she will celebrate her sons “Brit Milah”; the covenant of circumcision on the eighth day of his life. The Brit Milah is customarily followed by a celebratory meal but for this new mom that will not happen because she can’t even afford food for herself.

We have been asked if we can help. Again some might not see the need to help for an occasion like this, but for an Israeli it is probably the single most important event in your son’s life, even greater than his Bar Mitzvah or his marriage.

The “Brit” will be held at one of our local synagogues and instead of a sit down meal afterward they are asking help to provide snack food for her son’s special day. We, with your help will do all that we can to make this a special and memorable day for her.


You see, for now the Kassams have stopped falling and we thank YAH for that, but as a result of the previous fourteen years of terrorist attacks and three wars many people are left with shattered lives. For some Hope For Sderot is a safety net, for other who have fallen between the cracks of social programs we are their life line.

Your continued support is needed just as much today as it was last summer and unfortunately, that is the reality of life in Sderot today.

With Passover beginning at sunset on 4 April we need to purchase and distribute the holiday food along with the food we will give out in March so the people will have it in time. Passover is a very special time for Israelis. For those we help regularly our help is needed all the more during this time. I wish I could put into words how vital your help is needed to easy the needs of those we serve.

Would you considered giving a onetime gift today or maybe better yet becoming a monthly donor? Maybe your group, club, church or synagogue might like to come along side with us to help; that would be wonderful too! Just click here to help or to get more information on how you or your group can help click here. From the bottom of the heart of one who knows the reality of life in Sderot THANK YOU.