We are into week three of our campaign to raise $6000 for Moshe’s Bar Mitzvah and we are off to a good start but still need your help to meet the goal. To those who responded to our last update…THANK YOU! To those of you who have not responded as of yet, please consider helping today.

We had the chance on Friday to stop by Moshe’s house and talk to his aunt. We asked how the Bar Mitzvah plans were coming and if they set the date for it yet. Hayah told us that they are still unable to set a date because they don’t have the funds to pay for it.

You see Hayah and Moshe have no idea that we have been trying to help them out, this will be a total surprise to them. We are hoping to be able  one day real soon go to their home and present them with your gifts of love and support. They never asked for help from us although Hayah did share her heart with us and her desire to give Moshe the Bar Mitzvah his mother would have given him if she was still alive today. As her heart touched mine I could’t sit back and do nothing, I had to try to help.

Today’s visit found her still fighting with Child Protective Services for help to support Moshe and his sister but as of today they have not changed their stance and refuse to help them because Hayah voluntarily took her sisters two children in, something Hayah promised she would do if anything ever happened to her sister Rachel.

To add to her dilemma about the Bar Mitzvah, Hayah is now faced with the new school year just around the corner. At the end of August the new school year begins which comes with the added expense of school cloths, school supplies and school books.

Could you help with a gift of just five or ten dollars? If everyone who receives this news update were to help with a gift of just five or ten dollars the next update you would receive from us would be the second to last time you will hear about Moshe’s Bar Mitzvah; the last time will be when we post pictures of his joyful day.

To those of you who have helped and sent a gift already THANK YOU! For those of you that want to help you can go to our web site by just clicking here ( remember to make a note that your gift is for Moshe) or you can click here to donate through the Go Fund Me account we have set up for Moshe.

Hopefully this will be the second to the last email you receive from us concerning Moshe’s Bar Mitzvah. Thank you in advance for your love and support for Moshe!