This year, as in years past, we once again were blessed with the ability to have a Hanukah party. Well in reality we were blessed to have three parties this year. The first party was held at the School where we have been providing meals for the past two years.

There were about 250 kids that came and ate mounds of chips, candy, and jelly donuts which were all washed down with about 60 liters of soft drinks. Needless to say the students were happy, the principal was happy, and the local dentist I sure will be happy too!

The second party this year was for the younger kids of Sderot. An ad was placed in the local newspaper inviting little Sderotians to an afternoon of cotton candy, popcorn, games, prizes, hot dogs, and Zippy the clown who performed magic tricks, sang, danced with the kids and did all the things any 8 year old would ever want a clown to do. Did I mention the jelly donuts and the happy town Dentist?

A good time was had by all and we are very thankful that we were able to bless the children of Sderot with what is quickly becoming a Hanukah tradition of Hope For Sderot that is sponsored by you our supporters…Thank you!

That evening we held our third Hanukah party for those we serve that have been injured by Kassam rocket attacks over the years. With refreshments and games, music and a time of fellowship, it is a time to remember the true light of Hanukah.

Three Hanukahs ago, Hope For Sderot held its first public event. It was the first time the name Hope For Sderot was mentioned as we took applications from those whom we invited from a list of injured people here in Sderot. We said “Baruch Ha’Shem” for that first event that left us with about seventy applicants asking for help.

We find ourselves this year celebrating our third Hanukah party, and what I would call our third anniversary of Hope For Sderot. Today we help two hundred and eighty families on a weekly basis with food and have a waiting list of people who are waiting for assistance.

All this to say the L-RD has been good to us and has blessed us with the ability to help His children as we not only help them with food but to remind them that He loves them very much. Kola Kavod HaShem, All Praise and glory to G-D.