We had an opportunity last week to help a woman that five months ago had a stroke. She spent four months in the hospital and came home paralyzed from the waist down and is now confined to a wheelchair.

 She is presently in deep depression over her situation and that is understandably. For the last month home the closes to going outside for her was either push her close to an open window in the house or open the front door so she could see out.

We were asked if we could build one ramp at the front door and a deck with a second ramp leading to the sidewalk in the back yard. There are six stairs she would need to go down at the main entrance to the house in the front yard so the easiest and most logical as to cut through the small brick wall in the back yard and give her access to the outside world that way.

 She had not been outside for her home for the past five months and she was getting cabin fever. Her nephew owns a lumber company so he provided the material

and Hope For Sderot provided the labor and some of the hardware to complete the job. One of our friends cut and re-welded a piece of old fencing into a gate while another friend loaned us some tools to cut and chip out the concrete and old bricks.

 She was in tears the first time her caregiver took her outside and down the ramps. Through her tears she said pointing to a new housing development down the street “see people are moving into new homes and I am building this ramp”. I can’t imagine what she is going through and how drastically her life has been change.

 We were able to help here a bit. Now she can go outside, go to town or a doctor’s appointment a little easier. It was our honor to be asked to help.