For the past four years we have been receiving our food supplies from The Joshua Fund. Their unconditional love helped us get Hope For Sderot off the ground and we thank them for that.

Last month we were informed by The Joshua Fund that they would no longer be supplying us with monthly shipments of food. Our humanitarian efforts have been complicated with religious demands that I could not meet and still stand before YAH ( the name of the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)(psalm 68:4) with a clear conscience.

Our last shipment of food was delivered to our storefront in the middle of September and they also will no longer be helping us pay the rent and utilities any longer as well. We have enough food to distribute to our 442 families in October. At that point we will see what reserves we have and I believe we will be able to fill a few more bags to help our families.

I am disappointed in the Joshua Fund’s actions to say the least but I am not troubled by it. From day one of Hope For Sderot, I have said “Hope For Sderot does not belong to me, it’s not mine, it belongs to YAH. He has supplied the wood for the shelves, the paint for the walls and the food for the shelves… me, I am nothing more than His delivery boy.

I was once given a book written by Hudson Taylor. I never read the book. As I thumbed through it on the day it was given to me there was a book marker in it. I opened the book where the book marker was and these words were highlighted in yellow, they said…

“It gives me great comfort to remember that this work is His: That He knows how best to carry it on, and is infinitely more interested in it than we are.” I cut that part of the book out and it hangs on my bulletin board over my computer to this day.

What will tomorrow bring… I don’t know. I will let you know as YAH lets us know. no matter what, we will sing the Praises of YAH for what He will do. There are some aspects of what we do that will not be affected by The Joshua Funds conditions being placed on me. In addition, as The Joseph Project continues to supply us with clothing, furniture, household items without conditions being placed on their help, we will continue to distribute those items to those in need.

In the past I have tried never to ask for help from you, the people that receive our newsletter, but I am asking for your prayers for the 442 families we have been feeding. Some are in real bad situations and even the small amount of food we were able to help them with will have a significant impact on their lives.

I have not told them of the change that is coming; I’m not sure how to tell our families that soon the food they have come to depend on will stop. If however 1000 people were to help each with only $10 a month our 442 families would never miss a single weeks’ worth of food.

I guess this means we are now looking for those who truly love the children of Israel unconditionally and would like to come along side with us to continue to feed the people in Sderot who through no fault of their own find themselves unemployed due to the years of terrorist attacks on them from terrorists in Gaza. If you would like to help us, you can contact us by clicking here.