In hopes to keep you up to date from the front lines of Sderot we will try to post a daily update or as situations change here on the ground, in Sderot.

The last six days has been filled with fear, terror and dismay. The atrocity’s perpetrated on innocent men, women, and children is nothing less than barbaric. Some 1300 people are dead and 3500 injured, some in critical condition. The number of hostages in Gaza has not been verified but reports vary from 140 to 200 people depending on what report you hear.

Our Building Was Hit

As Israel braces for a possible ground invasion of Gaza, the residents of Sderot are reeling from shock from what has happened over the past six days. Living with 22 years of Kassam attacks was one thing. Now adding to that the reality that our border has been penetrated adds a whole new level of anxiety. It’s one thing living with not knowing when the next Kassam will be fired, but now we add to that “is there a terrorist hiding out somewhere?”

Solders Patrolling Our Streets

It is reported that six thousand residents have fled Sderot to safer places. Either you are staying with a relative or a friend. Some are staying in a hotel, hostel or renting a furnished apartment somewhere. All of these options cost money.  Money most of the people of Sderot don’t have. Savings will be drained, loans taken and credit cards maxed out.

Without outside help I don’t know what most of these families are going to do. To help click here

Let’s hope and pray for a quiet evening and night.