During the December 2009 Gaza war, Mosha was wounded. As a result of our love and support to him and his family, his parents Moti and Dallya became volunteers of Hope For Sderot.

Mosha recovered from his injuries and has returned to serving with his unit. Mosha must have shared about the unconditional love we showed him and his family with his friends in other units on the base where he is stationed. I say that because we received a call from the commander of Yaron Company. He asked if it was possible to help them with winter clothing for the 120 members of his unit which is still in basic training.

The IDF issues the very basic of clothing to it’s soldiers, leaving them to buy the missing pieces. The Yaron Company, part of the Kfir Brigade, patrols in the Jordan valley. At night when the sun goes down it gets cold, real cold.

Eric, the commander, Matan and Ben paid us a visited at the Moxson this week. They are hoping that Hope for Sderot could adopt this unit. Our heart is to do just that, but it takes a commitment on our part and on the part of those who support us. Matan presented us with a list of items that they need help procuring. There were about twenty items on the list but he only asked for eight of the items; scarf, gloves, stocking hat, a warm jacket, long underwear, a padded sling for their weapons and a back pack to put it all in.

We told the three young men that we, as always will make no promises but we would take their request to those who support us. We explained that all they saw in our little warehouse was all provided by G-D and that what ever help we would be able to give them, they had to know it was a gift from G-D and not us.

So I humbly submit their request to the L-RD and to you. The cost per soldier is 140 shekels or about $40. There basic training will be completed mid to late December and they would like to give each of these new soldiers these items as they head for the front line defending Israel. We will keep you posted as the time draws near to their graduation and deployment.