War brings the worst out in people, BUT it also brings out the BEST in people and Maya is no exception.

This May, Maya will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. On her special day, she wants to do something special, not for herself, but for others. She wants to help the people of Sderot.

 She contacted us and asked if we could help her do just that. Her first thought was maybe, through her Bat Mitzvah she could raise money for a new public bomb shelter. Hope For Sderot does not build bomb shelters, however we did make a suggestion to her.

On Oct 7, terrorists were able to walk right into our residents’ bomb shelters because when they were designed, the thought of having to lock the door from the inside to keep terrorists out was not considered. Being safe from shrapnel was the main objective… then Oct 7 happened.

 We suggested that installing a heavy duty 6-inch barrel bolt on your bomb shelter door would keep anyone from ever walking in again like they did on the 7th.  She liked the idea, so the dream and the desire to help the people of Sderot was born: hence…




Maya is asking for your help and support to help provide for the installation of a barrel bolt on as many bomb shelter doors as possible, at no cost to the residents of Sderot. She is asking for her Bat Mitzvah that her friends and family support her Bat Mitzvah project.


At the current exchange rate, a bomb shelter could be fitted with a barrel bolt for around $11.50 in materials and Hope For Sderot will install them for free.


At the end of February, the government funding for some 30,000 residents who fled Sderot after the 7th will end. Many are reluctant and afraid to come back home, knowing that even in their “protective space”, their bomb shelter, they are no longer safe and understandably so.

This act of love will bring some sense of security to those who will be returning to Sderot in fear of the past.

HFS is ready and willing to begin “The Maya Project”. Would you be willing to celebrate this special time in her life and become part of a Mitzvah of this magnitude that brings a sense of security to the people of Sderot?

 Maya’s act of unselfish caring is not only a reflection of her heart, but is also a reflection on her parents as well.

 To be part of this Mitzvah, click here and please remember to note on your donation that it is for “The Maya Project”