Nana was a kindergarten teacher since 1962, and she loves the little children.
Jonathan was a janitor at a college where he was injured by a Kassam on November 6, 2006. It only took one piece of shrapnel to enter into his chest and tear up his internal organs. He was in a coma for two and a half months. He continued to be hospitalized in three different hospitals for nine more months with 12 surgeries and still has more to come.  As you can see from the pictures, his stomach area still needs to be put back into its place.

They have had many visitors to their home over the past two
years. Arabs and people from Jamaica, Canada, United States, Morocco, Jakarta, and from all different faiths, Islam, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Druze have all came to wish them well.

Jonathan comes to volunteer at the warehouse and on his first visit, he went to touch and kiss the mezuzah, but the parchment with the scriptures was not inside. He said he would take care of that for us and the next day he came and donated a new one and installed it for us with the proper Jewish Blessing.

Jonathan and Nana were told they would be able to have a bomb shelter built on their property as the closest safe place is up the street – too far away for Jonathan to get to in time. He would not be able to get outside his driveway in the 15 seconds allotted before a Kassam hits once the Tseva Adom sounds. The contractors came and started digging the ditches but the governmental paper work fell through the cracks and for over a year now they’ve gotten the run around and realize they will not get the help they need. So they continue to sit in their unsafe living room when the alarm sounds.

It will take ₪40,000 ($10-15,000) to build the shelter. There are many in Sderot without a bomb shelter close enough to run to, nor a safe room in their home. So we want to start a fund to help them. If you would like to help in building a shelter for them with a place to get to for cover, please click here and make your designation to bomb shelters.