Danny owns the hardware store just two doors down from Hope For Sderot. He and his wife, Shone, have lived here for over thirty three years and have had the hardware store twenty five years. They have raised four children here in Sderot. Today, two of his children have moved to other parts of Israel, leaving one son and their daughter still living here. Both kids help out at the family owned and operated store.

From day one, they have been a big help with all our building and repair needs. They speak about as much English as I speak Hebrew and yet we communicate just fine. When they see me walk in, they just push back the counter and let me go get whatever we need (it’s not a self service store) and it is not uncommon to be offered tea or coffee when we go in.

They remember Sderot when life was without Kassams and the town was alive and with a population of 24,000. They stay, because Sderot is their home, and they trust in HaShem for their protection. They are apprehensive about what the future holds, and how long this quiet will last. They, like most people here, feel that this quiet will not last forever.

Today, they are enjoying the peace and quiet. As people start to get out more, enjoying the summer and getting caught up on home repairs; Danny is also enjoying the added business. If you have ever lived in a small town that had a hardware store, you know the kind of people Danny and Shone are; they are helpful, gracious and friendly. I have been blessed twice in my life to live in a small town and they remind me a lot of Ron and Pat who own the hardware store in Dunsmuir.

Danny and Shone are typical of the people that live in Sderot. In spite of the last nine years, there doors are always open and all of us at HFS have been welcomed into the community with open arms.